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Landscape Contractors (UK) provides information on all the UK Landscape Contractors. In fact, it's not just the Landscape contractors, but also the related professionals such as gardening contractor, garden services landscaper who care for lawns, flowers, vegetables, with fencing, architecture and their years of gardening experience!






We have recently been contacted by one of the newest upcoming landscape gardeners in Glasgow called Square Circle Landscapes. They have asked if we could give them a helping hand in explaining who they are and how they are different from the other landscape gardeners in Glasgow which we were of course happy to help any new business of course.

The name Square Circle Landscapes I was told was created from the principles of landscape design and landscape gardening using the main shapes as building blocks to create appealing and unique designs.

Aside from the usual landscape gardening and maintenance services they provide they have the unique idea of creating easy to understand pricing and packages for garden makeovers. So, you can say which style of garden, what features you want and instantly have a ballpark price in mind. This of course is then tweaked due to the size of your garden but by choosing a package you are able to quickly understand what you can get that’s unique to you but also within your budget.

Square Circle Landscapes have been doing garden maintenance, grass cutting and tree surgery for years but since taking on landscape gardeners and qualifying in landscape design they have only just started taking on more landscape gardening and quickly becoming a favourite landscaping contractor in Glasgow.

With all of that been said they have said that the first new 25 jobs that mention they have came from our website (Landscape Contractors UK) will qualify for a 15% discount which is massive considering a fully landscaped garden can cost a few £1000!

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